State of the Blog – November 2011

Well, here were are folks. It took a bit longer than I wanted but the new blog is done. I hope to keep you updated as to what’s going on in a more timely basis, and make this a hub for all of my activities and works on the Internet. Please tell me if you see something missing or if something needs to be changed.

I’d like to thank Martha Garzon at M5 Design Studio for helping me get over my WordPress issues and to getting the new site online. She does great work and is awesome with WordPress at great prices. If you need some work done, she is the one to go to.

In the mean time, today is the start of another NanoWrimo, and I hope to take advantage of this month to write an idea I’ve always wanted to get down onto paper. I’ll keep this page updated with my progress.

Thanks for being patient and here’s to a good month.

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