Historical Slang Terms For Having Sex, From 1351 Through Today

This was a fabulous resource, especially for those who are writing period pieces, or for fantasy works where they want to help make it sound more authentic.

In earlier times, when English-speaking people wanted to get down and dirty, they might say they were playing at couch quail, engage in pup-noddy, make butter with one’s tale, or ride a dragon upon Saint George. Want to brush up on your historical sexy slang? These charts can help.

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Coffee Break Friday: Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Used Coffee Grounds

I’ve been doing this for the longest time and I can vouch for it. Now, I will say that I don’t jam my nose to the deepest, darkest recesses of the disposal but I can say that we don’t get the nasty orders some do through normal usage.

Just like your kitchen trash can, a garbage disposal starts to sink if you don’t clean it regularly. After all, it’s got garbage in it. Used coffee grounds along with some other kitchen ingredients makes cleaning a snap.

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All The Most Essential Science Fiction And Fantasy Books In July 2014

A little late in the month, but something that may be of interest to SF/F readers (including myself).

July is bursting with science fiction and fantasy greatness. Including new books from Hannu Rajaniemi, Joe Abercrombie, Nick Harkaway and Charles Stross. Here are the 30 science fiction and fantasy books that absolutely everybody’s going to be talking about this month.

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